Chlorine Darshak ( Chloroscope )

To be safe from water born diseases and to check the water quality and safty, A  simple scientific instrument and its devoloped by Gyan Vigyan Labpratory , Vadodara.

A Scientific Approach For Common  Men.    “ Chlorine Darshak”

Drinking water must be free from diseases forming microorganisms known as pathogens.  To save from waterborne diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Infectious Hepatitis, Enteric fever and Diarhoea.  Chlorination is a common, simple and economical process applied almost everywhere.  This will kill such pathogenic microorganisms and water become potable, pure and safe.  To confirm the completion of this process, some amount of residual chlorine is required to remain in water.  To check the amount of this residual chlorine in water, a very simple, handy and reasonable scientific instrument “Chlorine Darshak” is developed.  This will confirm the purity and safety of water.

“Chlorine Darshak” is based on the theory of reflection of light, which increase the appearance of colour, hence trace of colour developed due to residual chlorine can also be detected.  Appearance of colour easily matched with standard chart.  No light source is required in the back side,  it can even used in dim bulb light.  Usage is very simple, easy and giving immediate result.


Part Of “Chlorine Darshak”

  1. Comperator box.
  2. Transparent unbreakable, half side white test tubes(2 Nos.)
  3. 50 ml filled aqua reagent bottle.
  4. Dropper bottle.
  5. 5 Cover Box & Pouch

Comperator Box With Description

  1. Method of use.
  2. Interpretation of results.
  3. Colour comparison chart and amount of residual chlorine.
  4. Table showing amount of bleaching powder and hypochlorite solution required for chlorine for different volume of water.

Specialities Of “Chlorine Darshak”

  1. All the items are made of either PVC or Acrylic material hence possibility of breakage is almost nil.
  2. Giving immediate results, hence easy to decide further action on the spot.
  3. Due to Handy size and very light in weight moved easily at any place keeping in pocket safely.
  4. 50 ml aqua reagent bottle is replaceable and provided on demand for further use.
  5. Cost wise very reasonable then any other similar instruments in the market and indigenous.

Even though it is a Scientific Instrument, ‘Chlorine Darshak’ can easily used by a common men for Confirming the Quality of Water and Safety against water born diseases. It is very useful during the epidemic, in the monsoon period and during heavy rain, & during rescue opration after disasfer.

Users :-  “Chlorine Darshak” Is Useful For/To.

  1. Municiple Corporations, Nagar Palikas, Municipalities and Gram Panchayats of Villages.
  2. Government and semi-Government institutions, Boards and Corporations and Non-Government Organisations (NGO) related and working for drinking w/s. management, health programmes and development of common men.
  3. Health department, Medical / Health Centers, Health workers, Schools and institutions working for public health.
  4. Industries provide water to their employees can check the residual chlorine in their drinking water.
  5. Any active and alert citizen can use to check the drinking water quality and take the benefit of scientific approach.
  6. Raw water of house hold water purification plant (R.O.System) having residual chlorine > 5.0 Ppm can effect the membranes, frequent measurement help in its control.

“Chlorine Darshak” is very-very useful beneficial instrument, it is required to purchase for best service of society.