Domestic Water Services

Water storage tanks and distribution systems are installed throughout buildings. Generally out of sight, they need not be out of mind. Raj provides the whole range of services to clients to help with compliance with L8,'Tthe Approved Code of Practice' relating to Legionella Control. This starts with Site Survey and Risk Assessment of all water services.

From the assessment comes a written scheme of control for the assessed risks. The written scheme provides the framework for a test, monitoring and inspection programme of the water services, which complies with the requirements of L8. The client can run these programmes in-house, or Nation will provide the competent staff to carry out these works. If in-house staff are used Nation will provide all the necessary training to ensure competence. The record keeping system to store all the results of the programme is provided by Nation and will ensure that the client complies with all the necessary legislation. Our highly trained teams can carry out remedial Clean & Disinfections, and microbiological samples can be taken to ensure that all programmes are effective, included specific Legionella Pneumophila sampling.

Other Systems

Raj has a wide chemical product range that can be applied to a variety of applications. These include Potable Water systems, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Base Exchange, De-Alk / De-Gas and De-min Plants as well as products for Effluent Treatments. Contact Raj to discuss your own application.