Industrial Water Treat
   (Boiler & Cooling Tower)

Steam Boiler Applications including High Pressure Heat and Power Plant

Raj can provide the whole range of equipment and services necessary. Pre-Treatment Plant - Softeners, De-Alk / De-Gas, Demin, and R.O., we have specialists who can design, install and service this equipment. Innovative Chemistry using products formulated to give precise control of the internal boiler chemistry and steam line protection. This is backed up by high-class service from our technical representatives and service chemists.

We supply, install and maintain automated chemical delivery systems to ensure that our products are delivered to use at the precise concentrations required. If necessary we can also carry out remedial cleans of boilers using our highly skilled cleaning services. This whole range of actions is backed up by our service management systems, ensuring that all equipment is listed and serviced in line with specified requirements.

Cooling Tower Applications / Legionella Control

Working within the requirements of the Control of Legionellosis ACOP, Raj provide all that is necessary for client peace of mind. We take the client through all the necessary steps to ensure compliance with this legislation. We start with the preparation of a Risk Assessment from which a system written scheme of control can be prepared. Once done the information from our comprehensive survey is used to prepare a water treatment and water hygiene programme to comply with the needs of the ACOP L8. This programme also encompasses the needs of the client in terms of his plant efficiency, water and energy needs, as well as ensuring that the plant life is maintained and extended.

Raj provide the service necessary to look after pre-treatment and dosing equipment. This can be the design / installation or routine service. Raj will train the client's site operatives in the requirements that are necessary for them to carry out the site tests and provide skilled technical back up to ensure that our treatment programmes and treatment chemicals are correctly applied. Raj also provide the record keeping systems that are necessary, carry out review meetings and revise all necessary programmes in line with the results of the monitoring and control. An integral part of these programmes involve microbiological monitoring of the systems, including testing specifically for Legionella bacteria, all testing carried out to relevant British Standards in UKAS approved laboratories. As requested under the ACOP, L8 systems must be cleaned and disinfected at least 6 monthly. This service is provided by our in-house teams, working in line with the ACOP requirements and certified in the correct manner.

Water Treatment of Closed Systems

Use of correct pre-treatment equipment, correct chemical application for systems using Raj's range of chemical products, regular monitoring of systems can ensure prolonged plant life and efficient energy transfer within the systems.

Application of scale, corrosion inhibitors and biocides aid this process. If systems have become contaminated, or badly corroded from improper use, Raj can provide a cleaning service to rectify these problems and to bring systems back to useful life. Raj also provide a pre-commission cleaning service as new systems are brought into service.