Water Purifying System

Reverse osmosis and demineralization water systems reduced most of the dissolved impurities and microorganisms along with minerals. There are many natural salts required for our health and growth too. Very low contents of minerals in water make water undesirable for drinking purpose as per national and international water quality standard. Surface water contains low amounts of dissolved minerals but may have verity of pathogenic microorganisms responsible for various diseases. It is highly important to remove these microorganisms from water before consumption. Chlorination is a much known technique applied almost at every place. However, little high dose of chlorine is applied to keep some residual chlorine for protection of any new entry of microorganisms. Drinking of chlorine along with water is hazardous to health. Hence, it is required to remove before use. Water purifying systems available in the market are purifying water with removal of insoluble impurities like sand particles, silt, dirt and rust particles. Microorganisms can remove with the use of UV rays tube. Most of the units have UV rays inbuilt facility but because of inferior quality of the system the UV is not remain in working order for long period of time hence, useless. We have developed such a system (Water filtering cartridge) that absorb all insoluble impurities, excess residual chlorine, bed odors of sulfides, phenols and organic compounds and soluble organic impurities like some organic compounds pesticides etc. Microorganisms including viruses are also absorb. “Jalsujal” water purifying system required no UV light rays hence, no electricity is required. System is very compact efficiently working for a longer period of time without any interruption. Where the surface water is the source like river, pond, and reservoir and canal “Jalsujal” is the best water purifier system available now a day.